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Syndromic Surveillance General Discussion
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patient name and local jurisdiction requirements 2 D. Trepanier Virginia follows the same practice that Rosa mentioned above when collecting syndromic surveillance data re: patient name. Patient Name (PID-5) cannot be empty by HL7 standards so we instruct them to use | ~^^^^^^S| as outlined in the syndormic surveillance implementation guide as we do not want them to send the literal patient name.
by E. Austin
Monday, October 16, 2017
ICD9 required in syndromic surveillance systems 6 S. Dearth In Colorado North Central Region, we are using ICD 10 and we are no longer seeing ICD-9 coming in from our hospitals here. 
by Y. Chen
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Jurisdictions with Required Syndromic Reporting 6 E. Austin Yes, thank you from NJ, too. We have attempted to work on the language but I think we're going to need a broader push to engage stakeholders in the discussion. For now, we have all but one facility sending data voluntarily so we're not impatient. BUT, if we at some point are unable to continue state-level support of the connections in place, this could be a bigger issue. Thanks to all for the various resources and guidance! Teresa
by T. Hamby
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Standard Language for SyS Data/Information Sharing 0 R. Ergas A small working group has created the attached draft language for general use in the Surveillance Community of Practice related to limitations and considerations when sharing information derived from Syndromic Surveillance (SyS) data. We'll be discussing this on our CoP call this afternoon, please join us!
by R. Ergas
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Mental Health Case Definitions / Queries 1 A. Ising Hi Amy, I haven't validated it and it could do with more work, but I've been playing with this for suicide/suicidal ideation/self-harm:^suicid^,OR,^self harm^,OR,^self-harm^,OR,^selfharm^,OR,^T14.91^,OR,^R45.85^,OR,^V62.84^,OR,^X8[0-3]^,OR,^X7[1-4]^,OR,^X7[7-9]^ Amanda
by A. Morse
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
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