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patient name and local jurisdiction requirements
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8/15/2017 at 1:42:16 PM GMT
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patient name and local jurisdiction requirements
The 8/8/17 workgroup call focused on patient demographics, and specifically patient name, PID-5. Most agreed that patient name should be optional, based on the requirements of local jurisdictions. While many jurisdictions find patient name is essential to their workflow, others are not allowed to collect it and make use of other identifiers which can be used in patient follow up. It was also pointed out that according to HL7, patient name is required to be present, however, it can be anonymized or pseudonymized. It was decided to table patient name until we could get input from HL7. Other thoughts or clarifications ?

9/7/2017 at 4:47:34 PM GMT
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In Massachusetts, we do not want facilities to send patient name in their syndromic surveillance data. Here's what I communicate to data providers when this issue comes up:

PID 5, patient name, is missing. This is a confusing error - it comes up because, while we don't want you to send patient name for syndromic surveillance, HL7 requires it.

From the PHIN Guide:
Patient Name: If Patient Name is known, but not desired to be sent, then the second occurrence of PID-5 is valued and only PID-5.7 (Name Type Code) is valued with the constant value "S" | ~^^^^^^S|

10/16/2017 at 4:38:15 PM GMT
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Virginia follows the same practice that Rosa mentioned above when collecting syndromic surveillance data re: patient name. Patient Name (PID-5) cannot be empty by HL7 standards so we instruct them to use | ~^^^^^^S| as outlined in the syndormic surveillance implementation guide as we do not want them to send the literal patient name.

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