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Electric Scooter Query
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10/25/2018 at 8:26:04 PM GMT
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Electric Scooter Query

We recently have lifted the ban on electric scooters in Indianapolis, IN and I have been hearing about people getting injured while riding them. I have see an increase in visits that include scooters (excluding the medical, broken leg scooters) after the ban was lifted, but I am finding it difficult to determine what type of scooter is causing the injury. It looks like our EDs might be coding them as non-motorized (ICD-10: V00.148; V00.141) and as motorized mobility scooter (ICD-10: V00.831; V00.838).

So instead of focusing on the ICD-10 codes I have been trying to work with key words from visits I believe to be associated with electric scooters. I also put in an age restriction to try to remove mobility scooters (59 and younger). I choose 60 as the cut off, because of Triage Notes from a more general scooter search.

If you have any suggestions or are approaching this differently I would love to hear about it!

Indiana ESSENCE: (,^scooter^,andnot,^medical^,),and,(,^injury^,or,^accident^,or,^hurt^,or,^crash^,or,^fall ^,or,^fall,or,^falling^,or,^fell ^,or,^fell,or,^laceration^,or,^abrasion^,or,^scrape^,or,^pothole^,or,^pot hole ^,or,^pot hole,or,^vehicle^,or,^car^,or^riding^,or,^widing^,or,^electric^,)


Brittany Yarnell

10/31/2018 at 2:38:11 PM GMT
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I really appreciate such a timely query; those scooters are everywhere!!
I'll bring up your post on our next Syndrome Definition Committee call and see if we can get some other feedback.

You're right that it seems like EDs don't quite know which codes to use. Hopefully they can adapt to that.
I had some success with a query for (,^motor^,or,^elect^,),AND,^Scoot^

Have you tried adding the brand of Scooters available in your area? Unfortunately a whole lot of them have names like "Bird" or "Razor" that aren't unique to just the scooter brand.
A list of Scooter-Sharing system operators from Wikipedia lists the following:
Bird, Bolt (Taxify), Jump Bikes (Uber), Lime, Lyft, Scoot Networks, Skip, Spin, Coup, eCooltra, Emmy Sharing, Felyx, LoopShare, Muving, Revel, Scoobi, Scoot Networks, Scooty, and EcoShare

11/1/2018 at 2:52:45 PM GMT
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Hi Zach,

Thank you for suggesting that I add our scooter brands (we have Bird and Lime) to my query. So far it is not capturing additional visits, but as our Triage Notes improve it might.

For now it seems like it would be better to exclude ^motor^ from the query in Marion Co. since it only added mobility motorized scooters visits during the ban. I am interested to see what other are getting when they include ^motor^ and hopefully we will learn more on the next call.

Brittany Y

12/14/2018 at 5:43:22 PM GMT
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Hi everyone,

It looks like the CDC is looking at dockless scooter accidents in Austin Texas. It would be interested to hear how they used syndromic surveillance to look at the injuries.

Article: https://www.texasmonthly.com/article/cdc-study-electric-scooters-austin/
PowerPoint by Austin, TX: http://www.austintexas.gov/edims/document.cfm?id=311739

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