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Tracking Patients Admitted from the ED
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12/5/2018 at 6:02:20 PM GMT
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Tracking Patients Admitted from the ED
We request that submitting facilities submit ED data as well as all subsequent data from the inpatient setting for patient visits that originate in the ED.  It's always a bit hard to communicate this to providers, and various vendors/interface developers/EHR configurations have different ways of doing this with varying success.  I just received a question from a facility working on this issue asking if we really want ALL admits:  "

Do you want ALL? Or do you want to hand pick any of the other locations to include? I did not include Maternity, Psych, Nursery, etc……

I hadn't considered before that many 'routine' admissions originate in the ED and wondered if anyone else asked specifically for some admit types and not others.  My thinking is that if we don't receive admission information, in some cases we don't know what happened to the patient due to missing discharge disposition and diagnoses so we really do want all these admissions.

Any thoughts about this?


12/18/2018 at 2:52:23 PM GMT
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You're exactly right! It is quite difficult to ensure the facility/vendor knows what we're looking for when we ask for inpatient update messages for those who were seen in ED. We typically ask for "09" to be sent in the discharge disposition field (PV1-36) and if that's not possible, we ask if they can send inpatient messaging for those who have been seen in ED. I've never been asked about filtering by inpatient unit though. Certainly interesting! I wonder if during high influenza years, if the physical unit isn't as predictive of the reason for admission though. Might be an unintended consequence of filtering by inpatient unit. What did you end up doing in this scenario?

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