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IPPS Proposed Rule - Summary Slides for PH Data Reporting 0 E. Austin I've compiled some slides using the NPRM to try and summarize the proposed changes that would impact the public health data reporting objective (syndromic surveillance, immunization, electronic lab reporting, electronic case reporting, etc.). These slides are based on my understanding of the proposed rule so there may be typos and/or I may have missed other details, but hopefully it will help give jurisdictions a place to start to develop and submit comments. Comments are due June 25, 2018, 11:59pm EST.
by E. Austin
Monday, June 18, 2018
Syndromic Surveillance Information Request: Enterovirus A71 11 C. Tong test
by C. Tong
Friday, June 15, 2018
ESSENCE - Set data access to specific levels of aggregation 2 J. Johnson You could always set up a data user agreement separately with other jurisdictions if Maine has its own syndromic surveillance system independent of NSSP. Messages could be sent from the other jurisdiction and be ingested directly into Maine's system, say for Maine residents.
by R. Thomas
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Jurisdiction definition of "urgent care [ambulatory] setting" or "urgent ca 1 R. Thomas WA has nearly 400 clinics in production, the majority of these are primary care or medical specialty. We don't have any formal definition for "urgent care", but it hasn't really come up in recent years, likely since we accept other medical specialties. We really push for participation of primary care...since an urgent care clinic would probably be a primary care clinic if it's not truly an urgent care, we would push for that data regardless.
by N. Close
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Free NEHA Vector Control conference 0 S. Dearth FYI- There is a free, virtual vector control conference next week. Hosted by the National Environmental Health Association. May be helpful for anyone looking for information as they try to build queries for pest related issues. https://neha.org/eh-topics/vectors-and-pest-control-0/eek-virtual-conference-2018
by S. Dearth
Friday, May 11, 2018
EMS Data Acquisition and Processing-- Standards 3 J. Johnson Thank you for these responses. I'm sorry I didn't see them sooner-- I think I thought I would get an email notification or something. Amy- I will follow up with you.
by J. Johnson
Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Carbon Monoxide (CO) surveillance 4 N. Close NH established a small carbon monoxide workgroup starting in 2008 after a major ice storm caused a major power outage and approximately 70 people sought medical attention at local hospitals. Out of this workgroup New Hampshire law now requires the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in rental units and in single- and multi-family units built or substantially renovated after January 1, 2010. We average about 100 CO exposures annually (carbon monoxide is not reportable but monitored daily) using the chief complaint text for emergency department encounters reported through Automated Health Emergency Department Data (AHEDD). AHEDD is searched for clinical language associated with CO exposures. We have had issues at ice rinks so now we have mandated annual inspections from our fire marshal’s office.
by K. Dufault
Thursday, May 3, 2018
Training materials for new syndromic surveillance staff 0 S. Dearth ISDS is updating the Syndromic 101 modules and is interested in hearing about any surveillance related training you currently offer your staff who are new to syndromic surveillance. If you are open to sharing these resources (links, presentations, training guides, etc. ), please email them to me at sdearth@syndromic.org. Thank you-
by S. Dearth
Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Coagulopathy Cluster Syndrome Definitions 8 M. Patel I'm curious if anyone has explored using procedure codes for this. I'm was wondering if INR testing might be something that shows up. We have a set of facilities that send this information, but since it's not currently queryable within ESSENCE, I haven't used it yet.
by N. Close
Thursday, April 26, 2018
Mental Health Case Definitions / Queries 2 A. Ising Hi Amy! I've been working on exactly this. I would love others to take a look and see if they agree with my code/have any suggestions. I also think it would be great to discuss definitions of what to include/not. For example, this iteration does not include MH due to drug use (i.e. F10-19) (though it also doesn't exclude them). I've also been working on SAS code to better analyze what this query gives me. This code is based on 1) Achintya Dey's MH query work which he presented at ISDS, modified to include more categories of MH + 2) the suicide query that's previously been worked and shared (found under 'query manager' on Essence). The below code is my revised MH + the suicide DDs. If you're interested in using CC, I can share what I have for that too--I ultimately decided to just search based on CC. . ^F20^,OR, ^F2[1-4]^,OR,^F25^,OR,^F2[8-9]^,OR ,^F30^,OR,^F31^,OR,^F32^,OR,^F33^,OR,^F34^,OR,^F39^,OR,^F40^,OR,^F41^,OR,^F42^,OR,^F43^,OR,^F44^,OR,^F45^,OR,^F48^,OR,^F99^,OR,^R45.85^,OR,^R4585^,OR,^T14.91^,OR,^T1491^,OR,^Z91.5^,OR,^Z915^,OR,^X78^,OR,^X83^,OR,^X74^,OR,^X76^,OR,^X71^,OR,^X77^,OR,^X79^,OR,^X81^,OR,^X73^,OR,^X72^,OR,^X80^,OR,^X82^,OR,^X75^,),OR,(,^6471006^,OR,^82313006^,OR,^425104003^,OR,^55554002^,OR,^304594002^,OR,^287181000^,OR,^891003^,OR,^225444004^,OR,^161474000^,OR,^44301001^,OR,^247650009^,OR,^247650009^,OR,^53846008^,OR,^274228002^,OR,^225457007^,OR,^86849004^,OR,^160333008^,OR,^287182007^,OR,^287190007^
by L. Sussman
Wednesday, April 4, 2018
ICD tools/resources 1 N. Close Natasha, I also mainly use icd10data. CMS tends to have good updates on the latest codes and changes. Those files can be found here: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/2018-ICD-10-CM-and-GEMs.html
by Z. Stein
Friday, March 9, 2018
Experience with HL7 Courses? 1 K. Oliver Hi,My supervisor suggested I reviewed some HL7 courses on https://www.informaticsacademy.org/Check out the course catalog. The ones for HL7 are online and free. They were made seemingly specifically for Immunization HL7 messages. But there's good tutorials there on HL7 and how the whole system works. I'd recommend it.
by D. Bedford
Friday, March 9, 2018
MPH Epi students with an interest in field epi outside the US 3 M. Kar Hi Manish,You sounds like you have a great future ahead of you. Does your school have any programs or fellowships you can be involved in? I'm sure they have a large international network. Even though you are remote for obtaining your degree, I bet there are still valuable experiences where you are currently living in Canada. Do you have to obtain an internship or practicum to obtain your degree? If so, that's a great way to work with a city or state health department in Canada. Applying for any scholarships or fellowships will also give you access to epi experiences. My other suggestions include, finding a mentor that can help give you some career direction or access to networks. Or at the very least, having a mentor that understands your struggles and you can confide in. I've also found it to be helpful to speak with successful people that have your dream job and ask how they got there. In fact, I've spoken with a few current EIS fellows when my student org helped them during Hurricane Harvey responses and they gave us great career advice. One book I've read over and over again is: "101 Careers in Public Health" by Beth Seltzer, MD, MPH and "Public Health: Career Choices that Make a Difference" by Bernard J. Turnock. Cheesy to read self help books, I know. However, I never had a mentor in Public Health. No one around me knew about it or loved it. I've been trying to teach myself about the field until recently. These books were crucial for me understanding what specific career I wanted and needed in Public Health and how to get there. They are great for giving you a variety of jobs, what those jobs entail, how that professional got there, and what their day looks like. Some jobs sounds fantastic, but then you read their normal day to day and realize that isn't for me. Or vice versa, the job doesn't sound as exciting as you would think, but their day to day interactions are very rewarding and use most of my current skill sets. They are illuminating. I was indecisive for a while about what I wanted to do because I love every topic of public health. So both of these books are all completely tabbed and scribbled on. Those links are: https://www.amazon.com/Careers-Public-Health-Beth-Seltzer/dp/0826117686https://www.amazon.com/Public-Health-Career-Choices-Difference/dp/0763737909As far as some ideas go, these are sites for fellowships I often browse. I hope they are valuable resources to you. These are in the U.S.https://www.cdc.gov/fellowships/full-time/index.htmlhttps://www.aspph.org/study/fellowships-and-internships/http://www.cste.org/default.asp?page=FellowshipDetailshttps://www.apha.org/professional-development/apha-internships-and-fellowships/public-health-fellowshiphttps://orise.orau.gov/stem/internships-fellowships-research-opportunities/index.htmlHere's a few for you in Canada.https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/public-health-practice/canadian-field-epidemiology-program.htmlhttp://www.canadian-universities.net/Scholarships/Epidemiology.htmlAnd international options.http://www.who.int/ihr/alert_and_response/outbreak-network/en/https://mphprogramslist.com/public-health-fellowship-opportunities/I would recommend starting with the opportunities within your school. Ask an advisor to help you and even connect you with alumni that can help you. Find a mentor you can ask questions and get career advice from. Attend various professional conferences. Start making baby steps towards your EIS goals by first gaining local city/county/state health department experiences. I hope that helps! Sorry about the delay. Perhaps someone else can also give us direction, because I'm still trying figure things out myself.Good luck!!!!
by L. Leining
Tuesday, December 26, 2017
patient name and local jurisdiction requirements 2 D. Trepanier Virginia follows the same practice that Rosa mentioned above when collecting syndromic surveillance data re: patient name. Patient Name (PID-5) cannot be empty by HL7 standards so we instruct them to use | ~^^^^^^S| as outlined in the syndormic surveillance implementation guide as we do not want them to send the literal patient name.
by E. Austin
Monday, October 16, 2017
ICD9 required in syndromic surveillance systems 6 S. Dearth In Colorado North Central Region, we are using ICD 10 and we are no longer seeing ICD-9 coming in from our hospitals here. 
by Y. Chen (Steering Committee Member)
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Jurisdictions with Required Syndromic Reporting 6 E. Austin Yes, thank you from NJ, too. We have attempted to work on the language but I think we're going to need a broader push to engage stakeholders in the discussion. For now, we have all but one facility sending data voluntarily so we're not impatient. BUT, if we at some point are unable to continue state-level support of the connections in place, this could be a bigger issue. Thanks to all for the various resources and guidance! Teresa
by T. Hamby
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Standard Language for SyS Data/Information Sharing 0 R. Ergas A small working group has created the attached draft language for general use in the Surveillance Community of Practice related to limitations and considerations when sharing information derived from Syndromic Surveillance (SyS) data. We'll be discussing this on our CoP call this afternoon, please join us!
by R. Ergas
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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