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by E. Lamb
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Harmful Algal Blooms 1 N. Close We're not doing routine surveillance for HABs but we did get a couple requests last year to use syndromic surveillance after HAB events. We pulled together a few ESSENCE queries that are still a work in progress. Below is the most specific one that combines water exposure plus symptomology. We have some additional broader queries that look for the symptoms without the water exposure.^algae^,or,^algal^,or,(,^water ^,or,^lake ^,or,^ pond ^,or,^ river ^,or,^beach^,or,^swim^,or,^swam^,),and,(,(,(,^dermatitis^,or,^skin^,or,^irritat^,or,^irritant^,or,^blisters^,or,(,^rash^,andnot,(,^crash^,or,^diaper^,or,^poison ivy^,or,^allerg^,),),),or,(,^eye^,and,(,^pain^,or,^irritat^,or,^irritant^,or,^problem^,or,^something^,or,^red^,or,^rub^,or,^sw[oe]ll^,),),),or,(,^tingl^,or,^numb^,or,itch^,or^ itch^,or,(,^skin^,and,^crawl^,),or,^paresthesia^,or,^tired^,or,^fatigue^,or,^malaise^,or,^altered mental status^,or,^tremor^,or,^twitch^,or,^seizure^or,^epilep^,or,^fascicu^,or,^salivat^,or,^ataxia^,or,^uncoordin^,or,^paralys^,or,^wheez^,),)
by E. Austin
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Referral Information? 5 S. Prahlow Thanks All! We see the referral *to* ED in chief complaints and triage notes, but we were curious about getting referrals from the ED to an outpatient/rehab clinic etc. Disposition is a good thought. I'll have to look and see if we're systematically getting any values that would align with that sort of referral.
by S. Prahlow
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Removing PID-11.1 (Street Address) - PII Removal 4 D. Bedford Sorry for being late to the party, but has anyone had any experience or work done around scrubbing PII (PHI) from chief complaint or triage note data? It's similar to this, but slightly different in that you don't want to wipe out all data sent within that segment, instead only a subset of what's sent in a particular message. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?
by S. Prahlow
Thursday, February 14, 2019
Non-Standard ICD 10 Text Descriptors 0 S. Neal Hi, We have been working with HCA facilities in Virginia to validate their syndromic surveillance messages and have recently noticed that the text descriptors sent with the ICD 10 codes do not match the standard description for that code. For example: HCA Standard descriptor  - A41.9;Sepsis - A41.9;Sepsis, unspecified organism - A41.9;Severe Sepsis - A41.9;Septic Shock Has anyone else run into this problem with HCA and/or Meditech?
by S. Neal
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Emergency Severity Index 1 R. Murphree Hi Rendi. You might be able to just ask for it as an additional OBX... I believe the correct LOINC code (OBX-3.1) for emergency severity index is 75636-1 (https://s.details.loinc.org/LOINC/75636-1.html?sections=Comprehensive). Per LOINC 75636-1, coded values are ESI-1 through ESI-5 for OBX-5, just like the reference you provided.
by R. Thomas
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Spatiotemporal Analysis 1 Z. Faigen Hey Zach, I would love to help! I have a BSc and MS in Geography and both my senior and Masters Thesis focused on the use of clustering programs and algorithms, including SatScan. There are also multiple approaches to get spatial signal from surveillance data. Quality of clusters are very dependent on the granularity (Points vs. Polygons). How big are we talking about? Thousands of points? Millions? Would love to help! Contact me at sheldon.g.waugh.civ@mail or waughsh@gmail.com
by S. Waugh
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Open Positions: Epidemiologist Recruitment for West Virginia and Delaware 0 Y. Chen (Steering Committee Member) Open Positions: Epidemiologist Recruitment for West Virginia and Delaware As part of an Opioid Crisis Cooperative Agreement, CSTE is recruiting and placing epidemiologists to conduct opioid related vulnerability assessments in both West Virginia and Delaware. Contact Cailyn Lingwall at clingwall@cste.org with questions. Visit the following links for more information or to apply: West Virginia: https://jobs.cste.org/job/epidemiologist-ii/45402455/   Delaware: https://jobs.cste.org/job/epidemiologist-hcv-surveillance-coordinator/45402467/
by Y. Chen (Steering Committee Member)
Thursday, January 10, 2019
Tracking Patients Admitted from the ED 1 R. Ergas You're exactly right! It is quite difficult to ensure the facility/vendor knows what we're looking for when we ask for inpatient update messages for those who were seen in ED. We typically ask for "09" to be sent in the discharge disposition field (PV1-36) and if that's not possible, we ask if they can send inpatient messaging for those who have been seen in ED. I've never been asked about filtering by inpatient unit though. Certainly interesting! I wonder if during high influenza years, if the physical unit isn't as predictive of the reason for admission though. Might be an unintended consequence of filtering by inpatient unit. What did you end up doing in this scenario?
by S. Prahlow
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Querying across a VISIT: message aggregation into Visits 7 D. Bedford I asked about this and they said it's because the DQ process has to be run to populate those values, so it often isn't populated for the most recent days. There was a tidbit about this in the October NSSP Update. If EVERYTHING is N/A in staging, that sounds like a JIRA ticket.
by N. Close
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Splitting a feed 5 D. Bedford Daniel, While not part of the standard SOP, we have on occasion copied the file sent to Prod, copying to Staging (if indeed you absolutely cannot get your contact to send to both Prod and Staging. I just sent you an email regarding potential next steps. Thanks much.Roseanne
by R. English
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
What is machine learning and how can it advance public health surveillance? 5 E. Lamb Caleb, that article is a great addition to the discussion-- agree with Natasha that it was nice to get a better understanding of the concepts without being distracted by the unknown jargon. Elyse, thanks for weighing in and for the resource suggestions-- I look forward to learning more!
by T. Hamby
Monday, September 24, 2018
Free NEHA Vector Control conference 0 S. Dearth FYI- There is a free, virtual vector control conference next week. Hosted by the National Environmental Health Association. May be helpful for anyone looking for information as they try to build queries for pest related issues. https://neha.org/eh-topics/vectors-and-pest-control-0/eek-virtual-conference-2018
by S. Dearth
Friday, May 11, 2018
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