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Mental Health Case Definitions / Queries
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3/24/2017 at 7:06:40 PM GMT
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Mental Health Case Definitions / Queries

Does anyone have any mental health case definitions / queries - especially ICD-10-CM-based but also keyword-based that they can share?  We are working on these in NC but I'm curious to know what others are doing. We will post ours when they are available to http://ncdetect.org/case-definitions/





Amy Ising
Emergency Medicine
UNC Chapel Hill

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5/9/2017 at 11:03:33 PM GMT
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Hi Amy,

I haven't validated it and it could do with more work, but I've been playing with this for suicide/suicidal ideation/self-harm:

^suicid^,OR,^self harm^,OR,^self-harm^,OR,^selfharm^,OR,^T14.91^,OR,^R45.85^,OR,^V62.84^,OR,^X8[0-3]^,OR,^X7[1-4]^,OR,^X7[7-9]^


4/4/2018 at 5:51:48 PM GMT
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Hi Amy! I've been working on exactly this. I would love others to take a look and see if they agree with my code/have any suggestions. I also think it would be great to discuss definitions of what to include/not. For example, this iteration does not include MH due to drug use (i.e. F10-19) (though it also doesn't exclude them). I've also been working on SAS code to better analyze what this query gives me. This code is based on 1) Achintya Dey's MH query work which he presented at ISDS, modified to include more categories of MH + 2) the suicide query that's previously been worked and shared (found under 'query manager' on Essence). The below code is my revised MH + the suicide DDs. If you're interested in using CC, I can share what I have for that too--I ultimately decided to just search based on CC. . ^F20^,OR, ^F2[1-4]^,OR,^F25^,OR,^F2[8-9]^,OR ,^F30^,OR,^F31^,OR,^F32^,OR,^F33^,OR,^F34^,OR,^F39^,OR,^F40^,OR,^F41^,OR,^F42^,OR,^F43^,OR,^F44^,OR,^F45^,OR,^F48^,OR,^F99^,OR,^R45.85^,OR,^R4585^,OR,^T14.91^,OR,^T1491^,OR,^Z91.5^,OR,^Z915^,OR,^X78^,OR,^X83^,OR,^X74^,OR,^X76^,OR,^X71^,OR,^X77^,OR,^X79^,OR,^X81^,OR,^X73^,OR,^X72^,OR,^X80^,OR,^X82^,OR,^X75^,),OR,(,^6471006^,OR,^82313006^,OR,^425104003^,OR,^55554002^,OR,^304594002^,OR,^287181000^,OR,^891003^,OR,^225444004^,OR,^161474000^,OR,^44301001^,OR,^247650009^,OR,^247650009^,OR,^53846008^,OR,^274228002^,OR,^225457007^,OR,^86849004^,OR,^160333008^,OR,^287182007^,OR,^287190007^

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9/18/2018 at 10:03:48 PM GMT
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Lily - I would love to see what you used for CC, especially since you decided to focus on CC. We are discussing putting together query(ies) for mental health visits to assess impacts of disasters as well as to identify populations in need of intervention and/or additional mental health resources. If anyone has queries, dashboards, abstracts, or papers on these topics, I'd love to know about them! Thanks!

9/20/2018 at 11:27:27 AM GMT
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I just noticed the date on this post.  Was confused because it was in a summary email yesterday from the website.  Still I thought I'd post that we have several and are working with the syndrome definition committee to vet them. I'll send you an email of what we have so far and copy Achintya who worked on them and can describe the details to you.  Otherwise, these will become more available through the syndrome def committee when they've been put through the vetting process.


Michael Coletta

Michael A. Coletta, MPH
National Syndromic Surveillance Program Manager

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