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Calendar and News FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions: Calendar and News


How do I access the Community Calendar?

To access the Community Calendar from the www.healthsurveillance.org homepage, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Calendar" section. Click on "more" to see the full list of upcoming ISDS events.

Throughout the website, you may also find the "Calendar" section listed on a right-hand rail or listed under a "Quick Links" menu, both of which will bring you to the full events listing.

Note that the calendars found on our Group pages are specific to the groups and are not the same as the broader Community Calendar.

How do I keep my calendar updated with ISDS calls?

Related Website Insight video: Following and Downloading Calendar Events

How do I request an event be posted to the Community Calendar?

All ISDS groups, with the exception of Chapters and private groups, will have their events and registration information reflected on the Community Calendar. 

If a private group or Chapter would like to make one of its group calls open to the ISDS community, a group representative should email syndromic@sydromic.org with this request. An ISDS staff will then make the group call information available on the Community Calendar.

For individuals, to request that an event deemed of relevance to the ISDS community be posted to the Community Calendar, please email syndromic@syndromic.org.

Who can see the Community Calendar?

The Community Calendar is open to the public. Events that are members-only will be hidden on the Community Calendar unless an individual is signed in to www.healthsurveillance.org and is a member of the group that is hosting the private meeting.

What is the News & Press page?

The News & Press page is where ISDS posts the latest community news and essential information. Posts to this page may include monthly ISDS newsletters, Group Activity updates and requests for feedback from the community.

The page can be accessed from the www.healthsurveillance.org homepage by scrolling down to the bottom of and finding the "Latest News" section. Clicking on "more" will allow you to see the full list of latest ISDS news.

How do I submit an item of interest to be posted on the News & Press page?

If you have a news item of interest to the ISDS community that you would like to promote on the News & Press page, please email syndromic@syndromic.org with your news. 



If you have additional questions, a website tutorial was given on March 3, 2017 by the ISDS Director of Communications, Mark Krumm. The recording can be found here. For any other questions regarding the website, please email syndromic@syndromic.org.

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