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Frequently Asked Questions
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The new ISDS website is designed to allow you to engage more easily with your fellow public health professionals and gain access to up-to-date curated content that are relevant to public health surveillance. There are a number of changes between this site and our former websites. Our FAQs will address some of your questions. And if you don't see the answer to your questions here, please drop a note to Mark Krumm with your question.



How do I become a member of HealthSurveillance.org?

Why should I "Join" this website? Who is allowed to join?

What happens to my information when I register?

How do I edit/view my Member Profile?

How do I configure my privacy settings?

How do I configure my notification settings?  

Groups and Connections

How do I join a Group?  

How do I request that a new group be created?

How do I subscribe to a Group Newsletter?  

How do I send a message to a community member?

What are connections?

How do I refer a friend to HealthSurveillance.org?

Calendar and News

How do I access the Community Calendar?

How do I keep my personal calendar updated with ISDS calls?  

How do I request an event be posted to the Community Calendar?

Who can see the Community Calendar?

What is the News & Press Page?

How do I submit an item of interest to be posted on the News & Press page?

Forums and Blogs

How do I access the Community Forums?

What is the difference between the Community Forums and the Group Forums?  

What is the difference between a forum, topic, and a thread?

How do I post a comment to a forum?  

Who can view the comments posted on a community forum?

Who can view the comments posted on a group forum?

How do I subscribe to updates on a forum?  

How to I add files and images to group pages, blogs, or forum posts?

What is the Community Blog?

How do I submit a blog post?

Career Center

What is the Career Center?

How do I search for job openings?

How do I submit a job opportunity to be posted?

Where can I upload my resume?

Does ISDS offer Continuing Education (CE) or other professional development credits?


I am uploading a file. What file extensions are allowed?


If you have additional questions, a website tutorial was given on March 3, 2017 by the ISDS Director of Communications, Mark Krumm. The recording can be found here. For any other questions regarding the website, please email syndromic@syndromic.org.

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