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Membership FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions: Membership


How do I become a member of HealthSurveillance.org?

To register, visit www.healthsurveillance.org/register.

  1. Select your Membership Type. For more information on the membership types, please visit www.healthsurveillance.org/membership.
  2. Enter your Username, First and Last Name, and select a primary community group. Please also complete the validation code.
  3. Confirm your requested membership level.
  4. Enter your Member Information. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. 

    To change the privacy setting of a particular profile field, please click the icon to the left of the field and select your preferred level of security. Available privacy settings may vary by account type.

    • Public (Visible to Everyone): This setting allows both members and non-members to view the information in the corresponding field.
    • Members Only (Visible Only to Members): This setting allows only members of the organization to see the information in the corresponding field.
    • Private (not visible in profile): This setting makes the field completely hidden to other members or non-members. Only you (and our staff) are able to see the information in the corresponding field.

    Please note: All information entered below will be visible to site administrators. If your email address is made "Private" it will not be displayed in the profile, however, members can still contact you via email through the site's group email system if permitted by the group administrator. Also, these settings can be changed later by viewing your Member Profile.

  5. If you chose to join as an ISDS member, you have the option of paying immediately via credit card or PayPal, or paying later by selecting “Bill me.” If the latter, ISDS will send the you an invoice at a later date. Once the ISDS staff have processed your payment, you will receive notification of the payment confirmation and should be able to login to your profile on the ISDS website and gain access to all features of the site. If you chose to join as a guest, you can immediately login to your profile and gain access to all features of the site.

Why should I "Join" this website? Who is allowed to join?

Registration allows for individuals to set up and manage their own profiles online. Most features are accessible to users who are not signed into the site or who do not have a membership. However, to contribute to blogs or participate in forum posts and group discussions, individuals must create their profiles and sign into the site. Those who do not create their logins are still able to navigate the website but will not be able to view other member profiles or gain access to comment boxes or other restricted areas of the site. For more description of the membership levels, please visit www.healthsurveillance.org/membership.

If you are a public health professional, please join the website. Most current ISDS members have a profile already created for them and should have received an email with a temporary user name and password. If you think you are a member and did not see your email, please contact Mark Krumm. If you are not a member, please consider membership to support the work of the Society, or join as a Guest.

Currently Guests have the same access to content on the website as ISDS Members. (This may change in the future as more features and content are added to the site.)

What happens to my information when I register?

We ask for a bare minimum of information. We need your name and email, and we ask for your areas of professional interest and expertise. We never share your email and name with anyone outside of ISDS. As for your interest and expertise, those help us understand our audience. They may help you connect with colleagues with similar interests and challenges. We ask other questions too, but most are optional, you may response if you wish.

How do I edit/view my Member Profile?

As soon as you log on to your profile on the ISDS website, you should be taken to your"Profile Home" page. The Profile page contains sections with your Professional Information (Bio), registered Groups and Additional Information. Links to edit each section are provided on the page. Additionally, a control panel labeled “My Profile” is provided in the right-hand column, which will remain in this location as you navigate the website.

From the right navigation panel, click the "Manage Profile" page and click on "Edit Bio" under the "Information & Settings" category. This page will allow you to edit your Bio Information including changing your email address, username, and password. Individuals can also check their membership status, renew membership, and print invoices via the Manage Profile page. Links to managing Groups, Networks, Favorited items, Messages, Connections, and any files uploaded by the member are all found under the “My Profile” control panel.

How do I configure my privacy settings?

To change privacy and communications/notifications settings, click on “Manage Profile.” To change the profile information available to community members, click on “Edit Bio” page. Any information that can be made private will have an icon of a person within a square next to the item. To make the item private, click on the icon and select “Private (Not Visible in Profile).”

How do I configure my notification settings?

From the right navigation panel, click the "Manage Profile" page and click on "Preferences" under the "Information & Settings" category. This page will allow you to edit your Notification settings including when you receive emails from the system. Additionally, under "Community" you can configure your Forum notification settings, under Forum Settings, and your Blog notification settings, under Blog Subscriptions.

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If you have additional questions, a website tutorial was given on March 3, 2017 by the ISDS Director of Communications, Mark Krumm. The recording can be found here. For any other questions regarding the website, please email syndromic@syndromic.org.

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